My name is Alexander Pushkov and I write code (primarily Python or JavaScript).

Some links: GitLab, GitHub (older OSS stuff), Twitter, Telegram, E-mail.

I make open source stuff:

A simple ORM-agnostic marshalling library. Python, Unlicense
A React-esque library for Python GUI app development. Python, MIT
The central repository for all Electron apps. (Work in progress)
An earlier approach to Electron packaging. Python, Unlicense
Agnostic API classes for Python Requests. Python, Apache
Some older things
REPL to interact with an Electrum / Stratum server. Python, Unlicense
Static site with unofficial results of a regional programming contest. Python, Unlicense
Converts images to Kindle and/or Nook Classic screensavers. JavaScript, Emscripten, MIT
Simple Wolfram|Alpha REPL. Python 2, Unlicense
One of my first open-source projects. A weird internet radio. PHP, Unlicense

I have worked at:

Kipod (2017–present)
AI-based video and alarm monitoring in public or private cloud. Making frontend for a minor project in Preact using Wiretie, Gulp, Babel and Rollup.
Yapili (2016–2017)
A peer-to-peer platform that connects people with licensed physicians for health advice. Backend development, mostly in Flask-RESTful, using ArangoDB, Auth0 and a few other fancy things.
Altexo (2015–2016)
Real 3D video streaming platform and SDK. Created the payments backend in Django-REST-Framework (also frontend in React), using Braintree APIs and a bit of Docker and Celery.
Lazy Me (2015)
A small local store delivery startup. Developed a RESTful backend for the navigation system in Python/Falcon, with OAuth2, as well as a prototype of a mobile app in Apache Cordova.
Lentagram (2014–2016)
Social Media Marketing service for Instagram. Written the service core in Flask and integrated a few payment gateways (PayPal and some Russian-specific ones).

I'm also doing various part-time freelance projects, mostly on Upwork.