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Hello there.

My name is Alexander Pushkov and I write code (primarily Python or JavaScript).

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Alexander Pushkov

Python / full-stack developer, 25 y. o.

Some links: GitLab, GitHub (older OSS stuff), Matrix, E-mail (PGP, Keyoxide).

Some buzzwords: started as Python developer, currently working as Frontend / full-stack developer. 5 years experience in development and maintenance of systems and application software. More than 3 years of user interface and web development. Curious about new approaches and modern technologies. Wide experience across a lot of industries, from health and commerce to adtech and gaming.

I currently reside in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Open for relocation and remote work opportunities.

I use and love:

I have worked on:

Lunni (since Sep 2022)
Production-ready deployments using just the docker-compose.yml files you already know and love. Currently leading frontend development.
MediaMath (Jan – May 2018, Jan 2020 – Aug 2022)
Leading independent advertising technology company for brands and agencies. Launched a few internal campaign management tools for customers, such as Disney and Sky Betting & Gaming.
Kipod (Jun – Dec 2017)
AI-based video and alarm monitoring in public or private cloud. Created a frontend for an internal data-mining project with a custom-made editor for adding markup to images.
Yapili (Nov 2016 – May 2017)
A peer-to-peer platform that connects people with licensed physicians for health advice. Worked on a few microservices working with data about patients. Made a realtime chat server, the core part of the app.
Lugati (Mar 2015 – Oct 2016)
Real 3D video streaming platform and SDK. Created billing panel for the company's key product. Launched SaaS-style platform for automatically deploying pre-defined services in Docker.
Lentagram (Jun 2015 – Sep 2016; ongoing support till 2020)
Social Media Marketing service for Instagram. Implemented various services based on Instagram public and private APIs. Integrated payments, including PayPal.

I'm also doing various part-time projects with some wonderful folks over at Ædge, my tiny software consultancy / artel.

I make open source stuff, such as:

Amend Docker images by running a command in a separate layer. Python, ISC
Simple parallel task runner for all your scraping needs. Python, ISC
NativeScript grid-template
CSS grid-template-areas syntax for NativeScript GridLayout. JavaScript, Unlicense
Simple online radio with live streams and local music playing capabilities. Liquidsoap, ISC

Most of my recent projects are available on my GitLab.